Beyla web design & print


Beyla is a Croatian handmade jewelry brand started by a passionate hard-working mom.

Beyla brand is known for its jewelry made from the unique stone that can be found only on island Brač, Croatia. The same stone was used to build the White House in the USA and the ancient Roman palace of Emperor Diocletian.

Beyla brand is full of positivity, encouragement, and support for young women to embrace their abilities for a fulfilled life.

Beyla logo transformation


llano agency had a task to refresh Beyla’s visual identity through the gift cards and website.

Since the vision was to keep the femininity and add more playfulness into the design, the idea went into the direction of careless watercolors and flowers.

The color palette balances between shades of feminine peachy nude and peaceful navy blue, with rich golden elements.

The old version of the logo is spiced up with foil gold effect with navy blue typography, in order to keep up with the new color palette and style.

Beyla typography

web design

The mission for the website was to highlight the Beyla’s jewelry collections in a feminine and warmhearted way. In order to achieve the stated, llano agency used a bit of broken grid, flowery elements and lots of peachy shades. It’s hard to say that the whole design is not positive and playful.

Beyla website

feminine and warhearted

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