Digital Tree

visual identity & web design


Digital Tree is a young full-service agency busy building fulfilling experiences with mobile and web apps.


llano agency’s mission was to create a whole visual identity that will represent Digital Tree brand.

Digital Tree logo

Since there is a term ‘tree’ in the name, the idea was to demonstrate its appearance but not in a too obvious way. To avoid the classic shape of a tree, the inspiration was found in tree bar.

Digital Tree color palette

Following the shape of tree bark, llano agency created a pattern which penetrates through the whole design concept.

Digital Tree patterns

Digital Tree icon


The logo icon is created from the combination of letters ‘D’ and ‘T’.


web design

Focus is on simplicity and minimalism which are pointing out only the most important information. The key to modern touch lies in differentfont sizes (as elements of the design), patterns and gradients.

Digital Tree web design

simplicity and minimalism

Digital Tree web design

Digital Tree web design

Digital Tree web design


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