Voda je život

graphic design

The town of Split (Croatia) is famous for its water and in its vicinity. It has one of the oldest waterworks in the world, which even springs from the Roman Empire.


Since it is of great importance to preserve clean water, company Vodovod i Kanalizacija Split, in agreement with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy, have decided to organize public forums on the topic about quality of drinking water in Split.

Voda je zivot poster

The design idea of the poster is to attract attention with a large inscription with a bold noticeable font floating in an attractive turquoise color that represents water.

Voda je zivot typography


Voda je zivot color palette

Since the simplicity was the key, color and shapes tell the story without a lot of text. The impression of fresh turquoise shades, with plain illustrations, attracts a young audience, that is, students to join the public debate at the faculty


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