ICT Županija




ICT Županija is on its mission to improve opportunities in IT community in their Splitsko – dalmatinska County in Croatia.

Since ICT Županija is attending many conferences in order to achieve their goals, possessing an attractive rollup banner and a flag is a must.



ICT Županija logo



llano agency received ICT Županija’s defined logo and a mission was to bring in some dynamics into the elements and make it all appear more “alive”.



ICT Županija pettern swatch 1



The icon, which represents the crown in the coat of arms on the flag of Splitsko – dalmatinska County, is already dominating the logo and that was a justified reason to continue playing with it.

llano agency used the silhouette of the crown as the base in creating the pattern.



ICT Županija pattern swatch 2



The combination, of static blocks from the logo with dynamic elements from the pattern describes ICT Županija as a reliable and secure institution but yet seeking for the new technologies in a consistent movement in order to enable more opportunities for youth in IT sector.




Rollup banner  & Flag


ICT Županija rollup banner


ICT Županija flag





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