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Graphic Design START and Graphic Design CAMP workshops are one of the ICT Županija projects on the list of improving IT opportunities in their area.

Workshop Graphic Design START @ICT Županija is intended for anyone who wants to learn the basics of graphic design, meaning how to make simple visual solutions, while
Graphic Design CAMP is for those who are already familiar with the niche but want to improve their knowledge.

ICT Graphic Design Start logo


llano agency had the challenge to create a logo, landing page and a poster that will follow the theme of the topic.

The inspiration for the logo came from the basic geometric shapes with primary and secondary colors from the color wheel, which alludes at the content learned in fine art classes.

ICT Graphic Design Camp logo

ICT Graphic Design letter a

The typography, intended for the signs ‘start’ and ‘camp’, is altogether created from circles, triangles, and rectangles with round corners. In the places where they overlap, new shapes are formed.

The whole concept is based on the idea of young creatives who are shaping their visions into new creations.

Hidden enthusiasm, playfulness and unexpected results of imagined ideas.

ICT Graphic Design Start poster

The rest of the elements in this design, which are seen on the landing page and poster, are inspired by Memphis design. This type of design is known for its exploration of creative freedom and ‘breaking’ the rules, which was an ideal choice for this type of theme

The goal of the entire design for this project is to emphasize the freedom and flow of creativity and to attract young generations to join the workshop.

ICT Graphic Design Start mobile web

ICT Graphic Design Start laptop web

ICT Graphic Design Start desktop web


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