Jason Cao

visual identity & web design


Jason Cao is a young enthusiastic and personal development veteran. During his persistent journey of self-growth, he learned a lot about himself and how humans behave in general.

Now he is ready to share, teach and motivate others who are willing to do the same for their health.

In order to present himself and affect the other enthusiastic, he needs an appropriate visual identity, including the infallible website.

Jason Cao logo & color palette


llano agency created a logo which represents Jason’s stability and ambition in combination with his soƞ friendly side

Visually, it is presented with a triangle shape with spiky and strict edges, and in contrast, complemented with soft curvy lines.

Similar to the logo idea, color palette consists of blue shades which are tranquilized by muting the saturation of the hue, in order to achieve contrast between softness and coldness in the nature of blue.

Jason Cao web design

While designing a website, llano agency used the effect of a broken grid to bring in more creativity and making elements more interesting to scroll and read.

Jason Cao web design

Jason Cao web design


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